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Get Your Propane Refill in Port Lucie in 3 Easy Steps

Propane is becoming a popular commercial and household energy source used for appliances, heating pools, powering equipment and even in recreational vehicles. This byproduct of natural gas burns clean is affordable and is in abundant supply. If your life is powered, in part or completely, by propane, here are three easy steps to getting a propane refill in Port St. Lucie.  1. Find a propane provider  If you have an…

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5 Reasons Why You Should Make the Switch to Propane

Processing natural gas creates several by products some of which, like propane, can be used in productive ways. Propane is considered a liquified natural gas and has been used for commercial applications for many years. The public is catching on and homeowners are gradually considering propane as a fuel source in their home. Here are five reasons why you should find a propane supply company in Jupiter today to learn…

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8 Surprising Uses for Propane

The processes involved in natural gas refining and petroleum production have given us several useful byproducts, some of which are collectively referred to as liquefied petroleum gasses. This group of gasses includes butane, propane and ethane and propane is one of the most efficient heating fuels that is being used more and more. Finding a propane dealer in Jensen Beach is one way to learn more about the product, its…

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Five Benefits of Hiring a Propane Delivery Service

If you’re using propane to heat and cool your home, cook your food, and keep your shower hot, you are using a great source of fuel. There is just one potential problem with propane, and that’s having to keep your tanks filled.  That’s where propane delivery comes in. Put your fuel needs on auto-pilot so you can have a reliable source all year long. Here are five key benefits to…

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Gas Fireplaces: Why You Should Make the Switch

Cool summer nights in Florida are meant for lounging by the fireplace with family. Whether you’re roasting marshmallows or stargazing, there’s nothing better than a night of full relaxation complimented by a nice fire. Your outdoor fireplace should be easy to use, convenient and safe, which are all qualities of gas fireplaces. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of gas fireplaces and why you should nix your wood-burning…

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Best Barbeque Recipes for Your Propane Grill This Summer

With summer just around the corner, it’s time to break out your propane barbeque grills and invite your friends over for a cookout. But before you send the invite you’ll want to make sure your propane grill is ready for the summer fun. Before firing up the grill or deciding on a recipe, you’ll want to make sure your grill’s propane tank is working and full. If you need a…

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Five Propane Tips for a Safe Summer

With the summer sun returning to Jupiter, Florida, so does grilling season. Whether you are using your propane barbeque grill for the first time ever or just the first time this season, you should always exercise caution. These five easy tips will ensure you and your loved ones stay safe while grilling out or taking the RV on an adventure. Inspect your equipment Before firing up the grill or driving…

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Propane Tank Purchase in Vero Beach

What You Need to Know About Grilling With Propane

Summer is just around the corner, which means it’s time to dust off your grills and purchase your propane tanks in time to enjoy the Florida summer fun. Why should I use a propane grill? Propane grills have more versatility and are a more convenient alternative to cooking with charcoal grills for many reasons. Gas grills are easy to set up, heat up quickly and maintain the grill’s temperature. Technology…

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Propane vs Natural Gas

Natural gas and propane play a big role in your life. When you want to fire up the grill on a hot summer's day, your propane tank gets you going. Because natural gas is comprised of multiple gases, you may find that propane and natural gas are similar. Propane is actually separate from the rest of the gases while at the facility, which makes it easier for natural gas conversion.…

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Types of Natural Gas

When you fire up your gas grill or stove, you probably don’t consider the other ways natural gas is doing it’s part to help the world around you. You may not know that natural gas actually plays a huge part in our everyday lives. It is one of the cleanest and most powerful energy sources available today. The primary component of natural gas is methane and when extracted, it can…

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