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Propane Tank Purchase in Vero Beach

What You Need to Know About Grilling With Propane

Summer is just around the corner, which means it’s time to dust off your grills and purchase your propane tanks in time to enjoy the Florida summer fun. Why should I use a propane grill? Propane grills have more versatility and are a more convenient alternative to cooking with charcoal grills for many reasons. Gas grills are easy to set up, heat up quickly and maintain the grill’s temperature. Technology…

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Propane vs Natural Gas

Natural gas and propane play a big role in your life. When you want to fire up the grill on a hot summer's day, your propane tank gets you going. Because natural gas is comprised of multiple gases, you may find that propane and natural gas are similar. Propane is actually separate from the rest of the gases while at the facility, which makes it easier for natural gas conversion.…

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Types of Natural Gas

When you fire up your gas grill or stove, you probably don’t consider the other ways natural gas is doing it’s part to help the world around you. You may not know that natural gas actually plays a huge part in our everyday lives. It is one of the cleanest and most powerful energy sources available today. The primary component of natural gas is methane and when extracted, it can…

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Carbon Monoxide 101

Carbon Monoxide is an odorless, tasteless, colorless and lethal gas produced by burning fuel. Often called ‘The Silent Killer’, 400 Americans die each year of this deadly toxic gas and over 20,000 pay a visit to the emergency room. It’s a threat to everyone in your home so it’s important to learn the basics and prevention of carbon monoxide poisoning. These helpful tips and information will prepare you to keep…

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3 Things You Need to Know about Propane Fireplaces

You don’t have to live in subzero temperatures to note the crackling, peaceful sounds of the fireplace this holiday season. In fact, portable fireplaces have their place in almost every home as ambience. And if you’re in the market for one, these three pieces of insight will help you find the best, efficient propane fireplace for your home.   Ventless Gas and propane fireplaces do not require a chimney or…

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What’s a Propane Powered Mower?

Propane is used to fuel gas grills and stoves in homes all over the world. It’s an economical and cost effective way to provide functionality without harmful chemicals or an abundance of energy. Did you know that propane is being used to fuel lawn mowers? If you thought your cheap, gas push-mower was doing just fine, this article may change your mind. The propane powered mower may be just what…

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7 Safety Tips for Keeping Safe During Hurricane Season

While it doesn't necessarily mean you will witness a hurricane, you can still be prepare for heavy storms. You may just need to buy propane in Port St Lucie and you’re readily prepared. Avoid damage with these simple safety tips for keeping safe during a hurricane.   Trim your Limbs Trees are wonderful. They offer shade from the hot sun, are producers of some beautiful and tasty fruits, and are…

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6 Steps to Take if a Flood Occurs

Accidents and natural disasters happen no matter what preparatory measures are in place. Whether it’s severe rainfall, hurricane-force winds, or a broken water line in the home, the outcome is never one we fully anticipate. In March 2018 alone, an estimated 1.4 million dollars worth of damages occurred from severe storms that produce hail all across Alabama to Florida. Damages can accrue thousands of dollars from just one inch of…

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Using a Propane Heater For Your Pool

Homeowners can face problems when it comes to heating their pools. The cost of heating a pool can skyrocket when electric heat is the only option. That’s when propane pool heaters can really come in handy. Gas heaters can prove to be the most cost effective solution when it comes to heating your pool. It works by using propane to heat the water before it enters your pool. The propane…

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Propane Generators for Emergencies

      There is no certainty as to when a natural disaster strikes in. The best you can do is to stay prepared in such situations and know how to deal with emergencies. Such emergencies call for a backup generator that is at least powerful enough to provide power for short-term emergencies and power outages. This provides safety as well as comfort to you and your family. You are…

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