Processing natural gas creates several by products some of which, like propane, can be used in productive ways. Propane is considered a liquified natural gas and has been used for commercial applications for many years. The public is catching on and homeowners are gradually considering propane as a fuel source in their home. Here are five reasons why you should find a propane supply company in Jupiter today to learn why you too should make the switch. 

1. It’s cheaper

Propane is easier on the family budget than many other types of home fuel types. It is significantly cheaper than electricity and more efficient than natural gas in heating your home, cooking, cleaning clothes and powering appliances. A knowledgeable propane supply outfit in Jupiter can educate you on the extent to which you too can save by switching to propane. 

2. It’s cleaner

This specific liquified natural gas in considered one of the cleanest home fuels and has a lower carbon component than other home fuel types. Propane is not included on the list of harmful greenhouses gases and is included as a clean fuel source by industry experts. It also doesn’t cause any harm to humans or the environment in the case of limited exposure. 

3. It’s abundant

Natural gas is an abundant natural resource in the U.S. Since propane is a byproduct of the processing of natural gas, it too is an abundant fuel source. If you’re considering switching to propane, you’ll have plenty of fuel supply in the long term. 

4. It’s versatile

Propane is also a versatile fuel source. It works well for many purposes in a home or commercial space. You can use it as a heating source for a fireplace or furnace, and it also works well as a heat source for cooking. Propane can also be an efficient power source for household appliances like refrigerators, washers and dryers and hot water heaters, just to name a few. 

5. It’s safer

Propane is also a safe fuel both in terms of use and for the environment. Propane has a very high ignition temperature which means that it won’t catch on fire very easily. The gas also vaporizes rather than spilling into your home or the surrounding environment in the event of a leak. Also, there are additives to the fuel that makes identifying a leak by smell, possible.