The processes involved in natural gas refining and petroleum production have given us several useful byproducts, some of which are collectively referred to as liquefied petroleum gasses. This group of gasses includes butane, propane and ethane and propane is one of the most efficient heating fuels that is being used more and more. Finding a propane dealer in Jensen Beach is one way to learn more about the product, its many surprising uses and to open your eyes to the many ways you too could use propane in your everyday life. 

1. Heating your home 

Propane can be transported very easily and is often used for home heating especially in rural locations. There are propane furnaces on the market and heating your entire home with this fuel source is an option anywhere you live. Proponents of propane suggest that using the fuel as a heating source can lower your energy bill, reduce your carbon footprint and creates a hotter heat in your home. 

2. Cooling your food

Quite the opposite of using propane as a heat source, this liquified gas can also be used to power refrigeration, thereby cooling your food down. Propane refrigerators have long been the best choice for large recreational vehicles. Advances in appliances now offer full-size cooling appliances powered by propane and ready for use in your home. 

3. Heating your pool

Propane is a common way to heat inground pools. Many pools have a heating mechanism built into the mechanical infrastructure. Most often, either natural gas or propane is used to heat the water that cycles through a chamber before returning to the pool as much warmer water. 

4. Cooking your food

Barbecue aficionados have known the secrets of cooking with propane for years. Like refrigeration, it’s also been the go-to fuel source for recreational vehicle cooking. Full-size appliances for your home have been developed and you can elect to use a propane-fueled, range and oven.

5. Go off the grid

Because it’s easy to transport by an average person, propane has long been the preferred fuel source for off-grid living. When you’re out of fuel or getting close, you head to the nearest dealer and purchase tanks of the gas that can be hauled back home. People also have permanent propane tanks installed on their property that can be filled by a large truck carrying the liquified gas. 

6. Fly a hot air balloon

Did you know that propane is also the chosen fuel for hot air balloon pilots? The fuel is predictable and dependable and is stored in a compressed form within the balloon basket. These cylinders are also lightweight, an important factor when your goal is to soar freely through the sky. 

7. Power your generator

If you have a generator at home, either a smaller model that runs a few chosen appliances in the event of a blackout or a whole-home generator that restores power to your entire house, propane can be used as fuel. If this option sounds appealing, you’ll want to seek out a propane dealer in Jensen Beach to advise you on generator models that utilize propane as a fuel source. A knowledgeable propane professional can help you ensure peace of mind in the event a worst-case scenario happens. 

8. Handling your laundry

Because of propane’s efficient and effective heating capacity, it can also handle laundry like a boss. Propane dryers are available and can replace their natural gas or electric-powered counterparts. If this possibility interests you, contact a propane dealer in Jensen Beach today to learn more.

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