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Cool summer nights in Florida are meant for lounging by the fireplace with family. Whether you’re roasting marshmallows or stargazing, there’s nothing better than a night of full relaxation complimented by a nice fire. Your outdoor fireplace should be easy to use, convenient and safe, which are all qualities of gas fireplaces. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of gas fireplaces and why you should nix your wood-burning fireplace. 


Cleaner burn 

Outdoor gas fireplaces burn a lot cleaner than wood fireplaces. They produce very little or no smoke at all. On the other hand, wood fireplaces produce a significant amount of smoke, leaving the surrounding area with the strong smell. Gas fireplaces are also much easier to start and only involve flipping a switch and holding a lighter to it. Gas fireplaces create all the beauty and warmth of wood fireplaces without the hassle of creating the fire from wood. 

Easier maintenance

How do you maintain your fireplace if you have a wood-burning fireplace? You need to deal with sweeping up bits of wood. You also need to remove ashes from the fireplace and store the remaining woods properly to keep bugs and rot away. What about a gas fireplace? Well, the clean-up is almost non-existent. Gas fireplaces do not produce any ashes, nor do they create creosote on the walls of the fireplace. Gas fireplaces require very little maintenance to operate.

Safer for the family 

With gas fireplaces, the biggest threat is the chance of a gas leak. However, gas leaks are extremely rare when a fireplace is installed professionally. If you have a wood fireplace, it’s dangerous to leave your fireplace unattended. Even if ashes look like they’re cold, and the fire seems like it died out, a fire can restart from an ember. Also, smoke from wood fires can contain small particles that can easily get into your eyes and respiratory system. This can be hazardous to you and your family, especially if any member has asthma or is sensitive to smoke. 

Environmentally friendly

Although wood is a renewable resource, unlike gas, gas is far cleaner when burning. Wood creates a great amount of carbon dioxide and tiny fragments of soot. These contribute to climate change and can also cause respiratory issues or even cancer in humans. Wood fireplaces are therefore not the greenest choice. Gas fireplaces are far more environmentally friendly, and it is one of the reasons why gas fireplaces are better than wood fireplaces.


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