propane gas refill in Jupiter

With the summer sun returning to Jupiter, Florida, so does grilling season. Whether you are using your propane barbeque grill for the first time ever or just the first time this season, you should always exercise caution. These five easy tips will ensure you and your loved ones stay safe while grilling out or taking the RV on an adventure.

Inspect your equipment

Before firing up the grill or driving your RV to your favorite camping spot, make sure your equipment has been inspected. After sitting idle for a few months your propane hook-up for your grill, RV or other propane-powered equipment could have experienced some damage or decay. Inspecting for faulty wiring or a cracked hose is an important step of maintaining propane safety. Unless you are a trained professional, these issues can be hard to spot so having an inspection performed by your local propane and gas service is recommended.

Inspect your propane tank(s)

Now that you’ve checked your equipment and propane hook-up, it’s time to inspect the propane tank itself. You should be looking to make sure there is not any leaking, dents or rust on the tank as these are indications the tank is no longer usable. Equally, make sure your propane tank is less than 12 years old by checking the certification date. If your tank is over 12 years old you will need to replace it.

Proper Storage

When you are done using your propane tank it is important to store your grill and propane tank properly. When the grill, or any other propane-powered equipment, is not in use make sure to cover and close the cylinder valve completely and store the tank vertically. Covering the hose-end and burner intake openings also help keep out insects, dirt and moisture, which could compromise your grill and propane tank’s efficiency. Lastly, wait until the grill has cooled completely before disconnecting the propane tank and covering the grill to avoid starting an accidental fire.

Ventilation is key

Proper ventilation is important when using propane tanks in any capacity. Possibly the first and most important rule of grilling with propane tanks is to use the grill outdoors. This also means keeping the grill away from any flammable objects such as low hanging tree branches, tall grass, and firewood. Ventilation is also important for propane tanks not in use. You’ll want to store any propane tank you have away from the grill and any igniters such as matches, lighters or other heat sources.

Transport with care

Eventually you will need a propane gas refill or replacement tank, so transporting the propane tank safely is important. When purchasing and transporting your propane tank make sure to keep it vertical in your vehicle, but don’t leave the tank in your vehicle. Locking a propane tank inside your car to bake in the Florida sun while running errands can expose the propane gas tank to high temperatures, making it a safety hazard.

Being aware of these safety tips is only half the battle, the other half is making sure your propane tanks are filled and ready to go! For propane gas refill in Jupiter, check out Energized Gas.