Propane Tank Purchase in Vero Beach

Summer is just around the corner, which means it’s time to dust off your grills and purchase your propane tanks in time to enjoy the Florida summer fun.

Why should I use a propane grill?

Propane grills have more versatility and are a more convenient alternative to cooking with charcoal grills for many reasons. Gas grills are easy to set up, heat up quickly and maintain the grill’s temperature. Technology and design has also made propane grills easier to clean as well as cost effective. Through a propane tank purchase in Vero Beach, you will use a more sustainable energy source which will end up saving you money especially as we enter the season of backyard barbequing.  

Additionally, in case the reasons listed above weren’t enough, it is easy to purchase propane tanks at your local propane tank distributer in Vero Beach.  

DO grill with propane…

One of the first rules of grilling with propane tanks is to use the grill outdoors. Proper ventilation is important when using propane tanks, as is your attention to the propane tank. When the grill is not in use make sure to cover and close the cylinder valve completely and store the tank vertically; away from any igniters such as matches, lighters or other heat sources.

While not using the grill, cover the hose-end and burner intake openings to keep out insects, dirt and moisture, which could compromise your grill and propane tank’s efficiency.  You’ll want to be sure the grill has cooled completely before disconnecting the propane tank and covering the grill. Before hooking up your propane tank to your grill always make sure to check your tank for any dents, rust, leaks or other damages.

But, DON’T do this!

  • Propane tanks are not to be stored in a garage or any other enclosed area.
  • Propane tanks should never be left inside a vehicle. When purchasing and transporting your propane tank make sure to keep it vertical.
  • Do not leave a propane tank where is can be exposed to high temperatures or any sources of heat. For example, do not store your extra propane tanks under the grill you are using!
  • Do not smoke while handling the propane tanks (empty tanks included).
  • For more information on propane grilling safety visit the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) website

Don’t forget!

Imagine it’s a beautiful day for grilling in Vero Beach, Florida so you invite your friends and family over for a grill-out. You hook up your propane tank to the grill and turn it on just to find out your tank is empty! It is always a good idea to purchase a spare propane tank so you can always fuel your grilling plans.

Propane tanks provide many services for our daily lives but grilling is one of the most common uses for propane tanks. The biggest question now is, where can you purchase a propane tank in Vero Beach? Look no further than Energized Gas!