Natural gas and propane play a big role in your life. When you want to fire up the grill on a hot summer’s day, your propane tank gets you going. Because natural gas is comprised of multiple gases, you may find that propane and natural gas are similar. Propane is actually separate from the rest of the gases while at the facility, which makes it easier for natural gas conversion. But because they are actually the same entity split in two, how do they differ and fit into your life? Let’s take a look at just how these similar elements make quite a different pair.

95% of propane is produced in North America and is considered fossil fuel. Natural gas, also considered fossil fuel, was produced millions of years ago by natural resources such as decaying plants and animal remains that were heated under pressure, under the ground.

Cost Difference  

The British Thermal Unit (BTU) is the amount of heat that is required to raise the temperature. Depending on the (home) location in which you’d like to heat, propane heating is efficient and less energy expendant. Because propane delivers more BTUs per gallon/foot, it can be cost effective depending on the current natural gas price. If natural gas prices happen to fall relatively lower than usual, this would be more cost effective than propane.

The Clean Truth

Natural gas is a ‘greenhouse’ gas and is considered a cleaner burning gas, however, propane is not toxic or environmentally damaging, either. Because both are considered ‘green fuels’ they are eco-friendly, even after combustion, and are both equally as safe, resulting in both being a clean fuel. Natural gas fumes dissipate more quickly while propane can take a bit longer to clear the air if leaked.
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