When you fire up your gas grill or stove, you probably don’t consider the other ways natural gas is doing it’s part to help the world around you. You may not know that natural gas actually plays a huge part in our everyday lives. It is one of the cleanest and most powerful energy sources available today. The primary component of natural gas is methane and when extracted, it can be used for a variety of valuable sources. Next time you buy propane on the Treasure Coast, you’ll consider that this is just one source of natural gas helping you perform your many tasks.


Making only 20% of natural gas composition, Butane is not as abundant as other sources of hydrocarbons, although still a reputable source of energy and widely used. Refrigerants, automobiles, and lighters use large amounts of butane.


Processed in liquid or gas form, propane is one we all can immediately detect as a valuable energy source for such elements as cooking or heating. It’s energy efficient and can be used for a variety of other purposes such as fuel engines and water heaters. And propane use adds value to your home, too! Using your grill outside is an energy-efficient way to cook your food and keep the heat where it belongs – outside! You don’t have to worry about heating the kitchen and raising the A/C to compensate for the indoor heatwave. Your trusted propane service on the Treasure Coast can tell you all about how natural gas can save you on energy cost.


The most abundant form of natural gas is Methane because of its higher combustibility and therefore is widely used in various energy sources. Methane must be stripped from oils, condensate, and gas wells before it’s burned. Then it can be used for electricity and steam turbines.


After it’s been separate from natural gas, you can find Ethane in consumer products such as trash liners and insulation. It has a higher heating value and is the second most abundant component of natural gas.

How Natural Gas Helps You Save

Apart from the many uses of natural gas in and around your home, using natural gas can save you on your energy bill each month. As mentioned above, you can cook on your grill without using your electric stove or unnecessarily heating your home just to cook a meal. United States homes used 21% of all natural gas available . Natural gas is the energy source for your electrical needs when you use your washer/dryer, heating system, stove, and even turning on your lights.

Natural gas has helped homeowners in their everyday lives. If you aren’t a natural gas user and you’d like to know more, it’s time to ask a professional local propane company in Jensen Beach. The experts at Energized Gas have serviced commercial, industrial, and residential needs all across the Jensen Beach, Palm City, Vero Beach, Port St. Lucie, and Jupiter area. Contact them today so you can start saving on your energy bill!