You don’t have to live in subzero temperatures to note the crackling, peaceful sounds of the fireplace this holiday season. In fact, portable fireplaces have their place in almost every home as ambience. And if you’re in the market for one, these three pieces of insight will help you find the best, efficient propane fireplace for your home.



Gas and propane fireplaces do not require a chimney or flue. They omit a low level combustion of gasses into the room and these fireplaces are considered within regulatory standards. Nowadays, propane fireplaces are up to code to detect carbon monoxide levels with an automatch safety feature. Should oxygen levels fall below 18% in your home, the system will shut itself off.

Size & Cost

Propane fireplaces typically cost more because they come already together (with mantle or enclosure) and installation from a propane provider in Palm City is required. The size of your propane fireplace will be determined depending on where it will be installed.

Cost Effective

Propane fireplaces add aesthetic appeal to your home. If you live in warmer climate year-round but want the Christmas feel that comes with owning a fireplace, a propane fireplace will work. Because Florida does have it’s cool nights, a propane fireplace just might be the perfect way to warm your living space. Propane is efficient and easy to maintain and uses less fuel to produce the same amount of heat that comes with traditional natural gas.

Selecting the Right Propane Fireplace

Before you choose just any fireplace, look first for the efficiency rating. The government rating is measured by British Thermal Units or BTU that tells of the heat capacity. If you are heating a small room for a short time period, you don’t need a unit with high BTU ratings. Next, consider the type of propane fireplace and its safety features and choose the one that fits your needs. To ensure no issues exist with your current model, check the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission or ask your propane supplier in Vero Beach. Compare the design and functionality of the fireplace of your choice. Some are equipped with logs that light up for a ‘real fire burning’ effect. You can choose a design and color that fits with the look and style of your home.

There are many uses for propane from grill usage to generating electricity. And whether you’re looking for a tank refill or suggestions on grill type, the experts at Energized Gas propane service in Jensen Beach can help. They have serviced South Florida for many years and take pride in their work. Contact them today!