Propane is used to fuel gas grills and stoves in homes all over the world. It’s an economical and cost effective way to provide functionality without harmful chemicals or an abundance of energy. Did you know that propane is being used to fuel lawn mowers? If you thought your cheap, gas push-mower was doing just fine, this article may change your mind. The propane powered mower may be just what you need.


Eco-Friendly Mowing

A propane mowers canister is compressed is compressed by high pressure where an internal combustion engine cleanly burns propane into natural gas. Propane mower canisters can easily be filled and are cost-effective. They get the job done faster than a gas powered mower and will have no issues starting right up every time you need it. Gasoline buildup and grease make it difficult for mowing, are toxic to the air we breathe, and are costly.

Propane vs Gas Mowers

Propane mowers use propane gas to fuel the engine. Unlike gasoline that is used for the typical lawn mower, the propane gas burns cleaner, leaving little to no particulates or carcinegins behind. A propane mower will avoid build up of grease, spills, and engine flooding. Propane mowers are nontoxic, meaning a leakage will not contaminate the air or water, and they cost less per gallon than the average gas mower. Unlike gasoline, propane only ignites at a temperature that’s over 600-800 degrees so it’s safer and easier to store. The engine of a gasoline mower is easily stressed by heat, especially during the summer months. This causes the engine to eventually wear out, costing much more to fix than the machine is worth. When you’re ready to upgrade your mower, contact your local propane dealer in Jensen Beach.

Is a Propane Powered Mower Right for Me?

Businesses, landscapers, and homeowners can benefit from this easy-to-use mower. Especially when landscapers have acres to tend, the accessibility and ease of a propane mower can help get the job done faster. Productivity goes up and the stress of gasoline cost down.

Another plus is the government incentive programs offered with the state propane gas association. It has helped businesses offset the incremental cost of purchasing a propane powered mower.

If you want something cost-effective, energy efficient, easier to store, and can take the heat, upgrade to a propane mower. Consider how much less time you’ll spend mowing your lawn and not relying on gasoline to get the job done.

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