While it doesn’t necessarily mean you will witness a hurricane, you can still be prepare for heavy storms. You may just need to buy propane in Port St Lucie and you’re readily prepared. Avoid damage with these simple safety tips for keeping safe during a hurricane.


Trim your Limbs

Trees are wonderful. They offer shade from the hot sun, are producers of some beautiful and tasty fruits, and are home to many wildlife. But during hurricane season, they need to be trimmed and kept in good condition. Not just for curb appeal, either. Whether or not you’ve had a heavy storm, hurricane, or windy weather that has loosened – or uprooted – your trees, you need to trim them before the hurricane season begins and again after you’ve had a rush of severe wind. This is shakes the loose dead branches from wreaking havoc to you and your neighbors homes.

Evacuation Planning

You and your family should already have an evacuation plan in place. Figure out how you will escape, where you will go, who will go with you, and the emergency contacts.

Planning Kit

Along with planning your escape route, you will need to grab an essential emergency kit including medical supplies, first-aid accessories, batteries and flashlights, at least one gallon of water per individual, three days worth of food for everyone, and more. These items should be within your reach and ready to go if necessary. Also, medical records are a vital part of planning this kit.

Secure your Windows

Before the storms gets close, you need to fix, replace, or stabilize your windows from further damage. Boarding up your windows will keep glass and debris from entering your home, causing harm and damage to your family.

Prepare your Propane

Your propane tank does more than produce energy for your grill. During emergencies, most individuals use it for heat, water, and fuel equipment. It’s important to take extra care of your tank. So how do you prepare your tank for safety during a hurricane? Turn off your valves and pilot light and properly secure your tanks. Never store your propane tank indoors. Find a convenient, safe spot away from potential flooding and water damage.

Lock down

If you didn’t evacuate the premises, now is the time to hunker down. Don’t brave the storm. After you’ve boarded windows/doors, prepared your home and kit with the essentials, it’s time to wait it out safely.

Emergency Generator

Invest in a generator for emergencies such as power outages produced by massive wind.

Preparation is key to maintaining a happy, safe home during hurricane season. Your appliances need the utmost care too. For home propane tanks in Port St. Lucie, call the experts at Energized Gas today.