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There is no certainty as to when a natural disaster strikes in. The best you can do is to stay prepared in such situations and know how to deal with emergencies. Such emergencies call for a backup generator that is at least powerful enough to provide power for short-term emergencies and power outages. This provides safety as well as comfort to you and your family. You are at least sure that none of your food in the refrigerator goes to waste when disaster strikes in. Even when you wish to power your television or computer during short-term power outages propane powered generators are important.

Choosing the right Propane Powered Generator

You have to first consider your budget, location and for what reasons you wish to use your generator before you even choose the generator. There are basically two types of generators- permanent and portable. It depends on your specific needs as to which generator will work best for you.

Permanent Propane Generators

The permanent propane generators are either powered by propane or natural gas and are permanently installed outside the residences. This generator is wired into the existing wiring electrical system of the house. A transfer switch is present that monitors the incoming electricity. Whenever there is a power cut, the transfer switch automatically disconnects the utility lines from your home while at the same time connecting a separate power line to your home from the generator.

It takes just a matter of seconds for the power to be restored. The permanent propane generators have the power to keep your home running as if there is no power cut at all.

The only drawback that these generators come with is that they are very expensive and require professional installation.

This type of generator is typically useful for the people living in areas that have frequent power cuts. These generators are an excellent choice for anyone to rely on in those areas. Additionally, these generators are also helpful for people living in extremely cold or hot climates.

Portable Propane Generators

These generators are useful in areas that do not undergo harsh climatic conditions and the power outage is also not frequent. Portable Propane Generators are ideal where the power outage is short-term. Unlike the Permanent Portable Generators, these generators are not wired to the homes but are connected to the appliances that you wish to power with the help of extension cords.

It is a very viable option as it does not cost much and meets all the emergency power requirements without costing much. Different models of portable generators have different capacities. Depending on what your requirement is whether you wish to power a fridge, a refrigerator, a computer and television, you can opt for that particular model. However, most of the larger utilities might not be supported by these generators.