When you buy a propane gas heater you are likely to look for the advantages it has to offer you as well as the cost at which it’ll come. Propane gas heaters are undoubtedly the best for keeping you warm. But you should continually be aware of the dangers they can create. Propane gas heaters can be harmful to you if you’re not using them properly. Regardless of the style of the heater, you should follow all the safety recommendations that your manufacturer provides.

Whether the heater is electric, ceramic and oil heater, or a fuel-burning one like kerosene and propane, it must be operated in a proper manner and the environment must be safe too. Usually electric heaters should be used indoors and fuel-burning heaters outside. You can also use propane gas heaters in well ventilated areas.

Objects which are flammable like curtains, drapes and tablecloths must never be kept in the area near the heater, as these can immediately catch fire if you become careless with the gas heater. This can cause you considerable loss. You need to double up the caution if you have pets at home. Pets are unlikely to understand how a propane gas heater functions. Your pet may accidentally brush up against the hot surface of the instrument and knock it down.

When you get the heater installed in your home, anticipate the possible accidents, so that you can have it positioned in the right spot and in an appropriate manner. Also check if your heater has an operational built-in tip sensor which can be used as an accident prevention method. This way, if the heater gets toppled or knocked down, the sensor will shut down all the heating elements. Usually older heaters aren’t equipped with safety sensors. Replacing the old heater with a newer one is a great choice. Propane gas releases carbon monoxide into the air upon burning. If this gas isn’t ventilated properly, it can produce an asphyxiation hazard if it’s inhaled even in small quantities.

Along with warmth one of your top priorities should always be safety when it comes to using a portable propane gas heater. As per the estimates of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, there have been around 25,000 residential fires and around 3,000 deaths every year because of improper use of heaters. Thousands of people are admitted to hospitals every year because of burns and injuries they suffered in these residential fires. Many of us neglect the owner’s manual that comes with the appliance. When you carefully adhere to basic safety recommendations according to the style and model of the heater, you’ll keep yourself safe every winter.