Establishing a connection between gas pipelines may seem quite a task to some. But gas connections for your dryer or oven are really simple. You only need to know which fittings are correct for usage. But be careful, using the wrong fittings may result in dangerous leaks and may even add to the cost of hiring a professional.

There are kits available which usually contain everything you will need throughout the process. These come equipped with flexible stainless steel gas line and you can find fittings at hardware stores as well as home centers. Only in some cases you may need to buy a few more fittings. Before you start, we would advise you to check with the department of your local building inspections just to make sure that you are allowed to do your own hookup. Checking with your local regulations too would prevent you from getting involved into something illegal that could later cause you a fine or even imprisonment.

There are common gas piping scenarios where you can do the connection yourself. If you have an old house you will probably have a threaded gas pipe. In case your old appliance is connected to a steel pipe and you are setting up a new appliance, purchase a gas appliance kit to replace the steel pipe with the stainless steel tube. Always remember you can’t attach the flare fitting on the gas line straight away to the steel pipe thread. Establish the flare fitting that comes with the kit. You should make connections for flexible soft copper by flaring the end of the soft copper tubing with the help of a special flaring tool and placing flare fittings with similar cone-shaped meeting surface. Common sizes of flare fittings are 3/8 inch, 1/2 inch, and 5/8 inch. Match the flare fittings to the soft copper’s outside diameter.

In certain cases, it’s common for appliances to be connected with a coil of soft copper. The ends of the copper tubing should be flared. When the fit between the flared end of the tube and the cone shaped fitting is perfect, a leak-proof joint is formed. Be confident that you can connect gas pipelines safely just like professionals. If at all you feel you cannot include the task in your do-it-yourself list, call for professional gas line services.