If you’re curious to learn more about the different types of propane gas tanks that exist, as well as the different uses they can have, then this guide is going to give you the key information you’ve been searching for. So, without any further introduction, let’s get straight to the facts you are seeking.

First of all, one of the most popular types of propane tanks is the humble refillable propane tank, which is often used for home heating systems thanks to their sturdy and rugged construction, as well as their unparalleled cost effectiveness which comes due to their refillability.

Another highly popular form of propane tanks that you’re likely to see is the single-use cylinder tank, and these are great for outdoor use in particular, as most outdoor grills used on a camping trip will make great use of the single-use tank. As you’d expect, these tanks are less durable than the refillable kind, but they are certainly durable enough for the task they’re designed for, and the ultra-portability they provide often makes them much lighter weight, so they are ideal for traveling as well.

Another interesting form of propane tank is the 420-lb cylinder, which is perhaps one of the biggest kinds of tank you are ever likely to come across. These tanks are affectionately referred to as ‘jugs’, and this is largely due to their overall shape and size. However, due to their impressive size, it’s rare that you will ever see these things being used for home use.

Furthermore, due to their size and carry capacity, they are very well regulated as well. For example, there are strict rules about how these tanks can’t be used indoors, and they usually need to be stored within a separate building entirely to meet regulation standards.

On the slightly smaller side, you have the 100-lb cylinder propane tank, and these are most commonly used for heating and cooking around the home. These tanks store a respectable amount of propane, usually in the region of 23 gallons, and they should last for quite some time if they are full when you get them.

20-lb cylinder propane tanks are another capacity that you will often see, particularly if you like to do a lot of camping or grilling. You’ll often find RVs contain these propane tanks, and they are ideal for this kind of use. The capacity means they will comfortably hold several gallons of propane, and this should keep you going for a long time in most cases.

OPD valve tanks are another design that you will often see, and the OPD acronym simply stands for overfill prevention device, which as the name suggests, will help you to avoid overfilling the tank. This important safety feature is often seen on most kinds of tanks that you are ever likely to come across these days, and they offer an unparalleled level of safety compared to the older designs that you may still see from time to time.