Propane is considered an extremely safe fuel to be used in your home or business. When installed or handled correctly, you never need to worry about the safety of your family or business customers. In this blog post, we’re going to talk about propane safety, propane gas detectors, and what to do if you’re propane gas detector goes off.

Propane itself, by the time it reaches your location, has a chemical added that makes the gas smell like rotten eggs. This is done on to alert you if there’s a gas leak in your building.

But there’s times when you may not be able to smell the gas, such as if you have a cold, allergies, or are sleeping. Considering this, it’s important to have a propane gas detector in any room that has a propane appliance in it.

The propane gas detector is an inexpensive items that can be purchased at most local hardware stores. Similar to a smoke detector, the gas detector rings an alarm if propane is detected in the air. This alarm is loud enough to wake you from sleep and may even alert neighbors if you’re not home.

What should you do if you hear the propane gas detector alarm?

If you hear the alarm of the propane gas detector, the most important thing is to stay calm and collected. If you panic, you may put yourself, family, or customers in more danger than otherwise.

The first thing to do is evacuate any persons within the building at once. It’s not worth losing your loved ones over saving your house. Once outside, look for your propane tank shutoff valve. Turn it off to stop the flow of gas into the building. If you have any concern, simply move far away from the building.

After everyone is evacuated call for help right away. A fire department will send an experienced and trained individual to your location to inspect the premises. They will be able to handle the situation with proper authority to mitigate risk to your wellbeing and property.

What can you do to stop your property from being damaged?

If you are in your house still, there are a few things you can do to help avoid a major accident. First off, do not turn on any lights or ignite any flames at all. Propane in the air is extremely flammable and can even be ignited by static electricity.

Turn off any gas appliances you have and extinguish any pilot lights that are on. Put out any open flames that are lit.

Call us to inspect your propane lines and equipment.

If you have a propane leak, once your property is declared safe by the fire department, call us to come out and inspect your propane lines and equipment. We have the ability to check every value, line, burner, and more to be absolutely sure where the leak came from and patch it up. After we inspect the property we’ll turn the gas back on for your home.

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