Five Propane Tips for a Safe Summer

Our beautiful year-round Florida weather makes it possible for us to enjoy the luxuries that outdoor grilling provides. But when summer hits, that means school is out, the beaches are packed, and the heat is on. And so is the preparation for our national holidays. Grilling and RV traveling is a popular summer practice among summer vacationers. You’ll want to play it safe when it comes to handling propane, no matter where you go this summer. These 5 tips will offer guidance and safety for an enjoyable summer.

Wild fires are a very prevalent issue. According to the National Fire Protection Association there are more than 6,100 accidental fires and explosions each year because of improper use of grills. Backyard barbequing is a great way to get the friends and family together for a day of rest and relaxation, but if you’re not careful, you or a loved one could end up in the ER.

Safety Tip #1 – Inspection

Before summer begins, get your gas grill inspected. It’s cost effective and you are more likely to catch a faulty wire or cracked hose with the eye of a professional than of your own. Don’t take it to a home and garden store. A local and qualified service technician will have all the right tools and knowledge to perform any task that needs fixing.

Safety Tip #2 – Flammable Objects

Keep all potentially flammable objects at bay. This means keep the grill away from low-hang branches, deck railings, drooping awnings, and from the house completely. This seems like a no brainer, but when one is in the midst of putting on a feast for fit for a king, it easy to lose sight.

Safety Tip #3 – Ignite with Care

When lighting the grill, open the grill lid and ignite the burner in order to avoid the buildup of gas. Flashbacks are no joke and are extremely common if owners do not use proper care when igniting.

Safety Tip #4 – Keep it in Check

Before you have the food ready, be sure that your grill is ready to safely do its job. You must visually inspect all avenues such as the connections and hoses for brittleness, leaks, and cracks. Your hoses should not be in contact with hot surfaces. Always clean trays and grates that may contain old grease and be careful if using a wire brush to clean grates. Some metal brushes can split or break and take cover in unseen places while you’re cooking food.

Safety Tip #5 – Propane Transport

When you’re transporting your propane tank, make sure you keep it an upright position during transport, whether it’s empty or full. It’s best to use the bed of the truck, but some individuals have been known to use the trunk of their car. Avoid making unnecessary stops to other places. Instead, head straight to your destination and drop it off. While you’re running errands, your tank is basking in the heat of your trunk which can cause the liquid to expand in your gas cylinder.

What’s more, use your best judgement when it comes to having a good time and using your propane grill outdoors. For more information on the latest tanks, tiki torches, and even RV tanks, get in touch with our experts at Energized Gas today.

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