Generators do more than take up space. Should you have to go without electric, in any kind of weather, you’ll be grateful that you have one these. They are perfect for travelling or on a long vacation when you need that extra boost. But what type of portable generator should you have? Are there any routine maintenance requirements involved? And should you get one from a licensed professional or order from the hardware store? Before you head to your local service store, these 6 reasons will guide you along when looking for a generator.

Sump Pump efficiency

When you lose power, your sump pump goes with it. Floods can cause numerous health issues related to mildew and mold. Should you experience excessive rain, you need that sump pump to work efficiently to prevent flooding throughout the duration of the outage. A portable generator can ensure that the sump pump remains running so flooding doesn’t happen. A local contractor can give you the best estimate on what type of generator that fits your home.

Perishable Cost

A standby generator will run efficiently through the length of the outage. If you fail to have a generator installed, don’t assume that your coolers will hold up until the power is back. It could cost up to $500 to replace the food that you’ve lost. A generator can keep those refrigerated items at a cool temperature in the meantime.

Lights on, everyone’s safe

A generator gives you the security of knowing that you can still do the household chores that you need to prepare for the storm, should it last longer than expected. Your family will feel safer knowing that they have light in every aspect of their house.

General Maintenance

Only licensed technicians are qualified to get into the heart of your portable generator, but there are some general tricks and tips to help assist the longevity. Stock up on gas and be sure to fill it up before it runs out. Letting it run until the last drop can actually cost you more in the long run. Never use back feeding and always use extension cords. Get rid of old fuel in your portable generator to avoid faulty starting when the time has come to use it. Get ready to fill your storage with extra filters and oil. You never know just how long the power may be out.

New Homes need generators too

Your newly built home needs a generator too! You never anticipate a storm in your new home, but when it hits, you’ll be ready. The installation costs are lower when you add a generator to your home, keeping you and your family comfortable and safe throughout the outage.

Appliance usage

So, you’d like to watch TV or soak in the hot tub while you wait for the power to come back, but you don’t have a generator help assist with this. A portable generator will keep these appliances up and running even when there’s an outage. So, you remain comfortable and without inconvenience.


When a professional technician installs the generator, you are guaranteed a solid warranty, exceptional expertise, and personal assistance should a mishap take place after installation.

Let a pro handle it

Before you buy a standard generator, let a professional take a look at your home so you have the most efficient portable generator. A licensed contractor is GE certified to safely install this unit while there is a power outage. Should you take matter into your own, it could result in danger while the technicians are fixing the outage.

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