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Energized Gas Inc. is the company with the experience and reliability you need to provide total home services by paying attention to every detail. We have over 25 years of experience in providing propane and natural gas services to homes and businesses all over the Treasure Coast. We have managed to rise up to being the number 1 provider of these services by refusing to cut corners and making sure the job is done right. Our motto is to pay attention to every detail. We do this because we understand that, as useful as natural gas is, not doing the job right can massively inconvenience our customer. We do not call a job done until everything is installed correctly with no leaks. Our commitment to perfection also comes from a simple work ethic. After all, would you really want to hire a contractor for any work if they’re known to cut corners and do a sub-standard job?

Did you know that natural gas is starting to displace coal as the primary supplier of energy in the US? It is already responsible for most of the power generated in the state of Florida because it is cheap, efficient, and doesn’t carry any of the environmental consequences that coal does. We believe in making this energy source work for you! Propane and natural gas have been proven to be the superior options for providing home heating, cooking, and even keeping your pool warm. Our experts will handle everything from installation to refills. Should you spring a leak, we are also on-hand to provide repairs to any busted lines. We also provide inspection services to make sure the gas line doesn’t spring a leak in the first place.

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